Be a better leader with one simple change.

The importance of giving and receiving feedback in the workplace cannot be understated, especially when building employee engagement and making big decisions.

Some recent Gallup research found that “a staggering 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged. Many companies are experiencing a crisis of engagement and aren’t aware of it”. A large contributor to this low rate of employee engagement is the lack of feedback, both positive and negative, in their company culture.

Improving employee engagement in your company doesn’t need to be a big, daunting project. Keep it simple, get started, and don’t stop.

bubbleFiz makes it simple to get started with feedback and team engagement. We always keep it simple, secure, structured and mobile to ensure there are no barriers to deployment and adoption. There are over 60 new templates which help you achieve one-touch deployment of polls, employee pulse surveys, open feedback, knowledge sharing, quick posts, team focus items and more.

Improving feedback with bubbleFiz will go a long way.

Help your employees do their best work: truthful, corrective feedback about past or future behaviours helps improve performance. This can drive a behaviour that sees your team asking “How can I be better?”,  “What can I change or improve?”. Add in some praise, and you have yourself a good little recipe for happy teams and good outcomes.

Improve your leadership style: It’s not rocket science. Being open, honest and a good listener will see you go very far in life, and as a leader. This is a two way street; it can help both you and your team. Giving feedback to your team opens a communication channel to help them understand your vision. On the flip side, getting feedback from your team is the fastest way for you to improve as a leader. Listen and learn from the people that are with you +8 hours a day.

Make better decisions, faster and easier: Your team live and breathe your business everyday. Take the time to listen to what your employees are saying and you can unlock an incredible amount of information and knowledge. This will help you build valuable insights that can be leveraged to make high quality decisions under time constraints

Paul Evans.

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The importance of feedback in the workplace cannot be understated. Credit: